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Spiritual Boot Camp is a Christian biblical study group for Veterans. This meeting is held weekly on Tuesday evenings at 6:30p at Fort Roots. The meeting is designed to develop a strong spiritual inner core to assist Veterans in overcoming issues unique to their military experiences. This group has met weekly since 2008 with great success. Call James if you are a military Veteran and would like more information.  501-765-1141. Click the button to the left.

Diamonds is a Christian women's biblical self-development meeting designed to assist women in spiritual self-development which creates growth and advancement in ministry, business, family, and life. This meeting is held locally in North Little Rock and virtually by conference call. If you would like more information call Sabrina 501-416-1090. Click the button to the left.
my Father's Business
About my Father's Business is a small group designed to develop men who are called into ministry or marketplace leadership. Check back for location information or contact James, 501-765-1141 if you would like to participate.
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