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As the month of June ushers in the wedding season, the Lord has impressed upon me to begin to teach the biblical understanding of how a groom receives his bride for marriage.

The teachings will be held over a weekend beginning Friday evening and concluding with a Sunday morning meeting. 

If you are a Christian who desires to understand how God brings a man and woman together for holy matrimony, you will be tremendously blessed by these messages.

The messages make clear essential spiritual principles that lay the foundation to assist you in seeing the promises of the bible become a reality in every area of your life! .

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These meetings are ideal for singles, men and women, who desire a Godly spouse and for anyone with children who want to understand God's biblical process for finding "the one" with the Holy Spirit.  


Contact us to arrange a time for us to teach this important message in your area.   

Upcoming Meetings
July            Schaumburg, IL
Biloxi, MS
  Vancouver, WA


"I attended the meeting in Cordova, TN. WOW! What a spiritual awakening!"                                               Tekeiya

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