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Sons of Oil Ministries

Pouring the Oil of the Spirit Into You!

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"I attended the Salvation of the Soul seminar, and it was earth shaking and life changing for me! I now have the confidence to move forward in victory! I'm no longer guessing or hoping. I know the path to victory!"   D

"Eye Opening! My heart is filled with joy and expectation! I can no longer look at the scripture the same way. I understand more clearly the relationship between Jesus, His word, and my soul. Thank you, Sabrina & James."     Ann

"This  can lead anyone to have a more prosperous soul. Very informative! I have a correct understanding of how to meditate on the Word of God. Thank you, James and Sabrina!  S

"WOW! What a spiritual awakening!"                                                                              Tekeiya, Memphis, TN

The visual of the movie helped me understand what is meant by meditation and how it is done.  It is not only about marriage. It is about the Word of God producing for me in my life.

                                           F., Vancouver, WA

As parents of adult children, we are so grateful to the Lord to have our young adults have this understanding of how to look to God to find "the one" God has for them. They won't have to make mistakes. Praise God! Thank you for bringing this to us!                           L. Mississippi

I smelled an essence, a fragrance, which I recognized and it was at the time my wife had the vision of angels in the meeting.  I believe you brought something that captured the attention of God and the angels. Thank you!.                                                 Vancouver, WA

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Sons of Oil Ministries  provides practical, in-depth teaching and training, designed to equip you to be producers of the promises of God  in your life.  Contact us to arrange a meeting on these and other key foundational messages in your area. 

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