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Hands full of Diamonds

I looked down at my hands and what did I see? Diamonds! I had diamonds in my hands!

I could feel the weight of the diamonds. I had two hands full of loose diamonds. Even though some diamonds rested on others, I could see each diamond. I saw through the pile and recognized each one for its own individual beauty, its unique shape, size, and sparkle. I knew each one was precious and valuable and was not to be compared to any other diamond in my hands. Some were big and some smaller. But somehow they were all equal because each stone was fashioned and formed to be exactly as it was designed to be. Each one was brilliant, strong, and precious.

This was the vision given to me by the Lord about two years ago in the midst of a Sunday morning service. Recently I was impressed by the Lord to begin a woman's meeting. A meeting designed for those women who desire to go deeper with God and learn how to inherit His promises for her life. As I set out to organize this meeting and plan the details, I was led to a photo that resonated in my spirit. I saw the picture of a diamond and I heard the still small voice of the Lord say, 'diamond' and I knew that was to be the name of the women's meeting. After the name was established and invites mailed, I was reminded by the Lord of this vision of the diamonds.

I hope this excites you as much as much it excites me. The Lord has special things ahead for the women who commit to attend the Diamond meetings. Join us and discover what the Lord has in mind for you! Click on the meeting page tab on for more information.

I hope to see you there!

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