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Know Thyself by Sabrina Floyd

January 02, 2017

Know Thyself - Are you following God's will or your own soul? Do you really know the difference?

This message is a foundational message on the very important understanding of the soul and how it operates. It is imperative to know yourself, your own soul, to ever find and follow the will of God for your life. 

Download and listen to this introduction and follow this teaching on the soul so that you may make the soul conversion. The condition of the soul is connected to all prosperity in Christ Jesus.

This is very exciting! You cannot afford to miss it!

How Faith Works Series by Sabrina Floyd

January 02, 2017

How Faith Works is a four-message series that provides an in-depth understanding about the inner operation of faith as God created it to work. We are told that faith pleases God and by the operation of faith we can have what we ask. Without the understanding of how to execute an operation of faith, we cannot employ these foundational biblical instructions in our own lives. This four-series teaching will open your understanding of faith and position you to receive by faith the way the Lord has ordained. This series contains the following messages:

1) The Substance of Faith.

2) Engaging the Substance – It’s a Cup of Tea.

3) The Courage of Faith.

4) Seeds of Faith.

Faith worked for Jesus every time. It can work for you the same way if you endeavor to become as The Master.

Introduction to Diamonds by Sabrina Floyd

September 03, 2016

This message introduces the vision and mission of the Diamonds meeting which was initiated by the Lord with a vision given to Sabrina Floyd. In the vision Sabrina Floyd beheld diamonds of all sizes in her hands. Diamonds meetings focus on biblical spiritual development for women that will impact every area of life. These meetings develop clarity of understanding of foundational biblical principals that will advance your spiritual life, family life, your business, and your ministry. Listen to this message to hear the entire Diamonds vision and what the Lord revealed about these diamonds as well as other exciting testimony of executing the promises of God.

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