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  "These are the two sons of oil, the two anointed ones, who stand before the Lord of the whole earth as His anointed instruments". 


Zechariah 4:14 KJV


"God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth."


John 4:24

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Sons Of Oil Ministries

What does the name mean?


In the scriptural account of Zechariah 4:14, the two anointed ones are Joshua and Zerubbabel.  Joshua represents spiritual authority and Zerubbabel represents civil authority.  Joshua and Zerubbabel are the two witnesses, the sons of oil. They represent the ordinances and the offices of ministry in the Holy Spirit.  They are characteristic of the Spirit and the Truth working together in the worship of God.


God’s Spirit alone qualifies them for the work for which He has called them. They stand before Him to receive direction. They stand by Him ready to go as He directs.  The witnesses are instruments of the ministry of the Holy Spirit, the Oil of the Spirit, poured out as God wills. 


Other biblical examples of these types of ministries include Moses and Paul.



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